2018 Chrysler Pacifica in Cedarburg, WI

3 Facts About the 2018 Pacifica That Make it a Great Cedarburg Buy

Last year, Chrysler gave its minivan star, the Town & Country, a complete overhaul. So much so that it earned itself a completely new name: The Chrysler Pacifica. The then all-new Pacifica quickly drew attention and rose to become a best seller in its class. So its hard to imagine that things could have gotten even better with the 2018 Pacifica, and yet they did! 

For the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, there's been some nice finishing touches and tech improvements that really round this vehicle out and make it a strong buy for Cedarburg families. Cedarburg, after all, is a far-flung Milwaukee suburb that is renown for its strong community with an emphasis on superior school and recreation systems. So if you're a Cedarburg parent or organizational head, then a minivan like the 2018 Pacifica that offers you plenty of space, tech, and interior comfort to haul around your friends, your kids, and your kids' friends is right up your alley. To learn more about whether or not this vehicle is the best pick for you this year, check out the following key facts about it:


3 Facts About the 2018 Pacifica That Make it a Great Cedarburg Buy

  1. Available as a hybrid. The Chrysler Pacifica is the first model of minivan to ever be available to the public as a hybrid option -- a hybrid option that owners can plug in. This means that you can plug-in the vehicle overnight and then in the morning, go out to drop the kids off at school, run errands, pick the kids up, head to afternoon activities and drive home all without ever using a gallon of gas!
  3. Comes outfitted with Chrysler Stow 'n Go seating. While the 2018 Pacifica really looks and feels like an entirely new vehicle set apart from its predecessor the Chrysler Town & Country, it does include some of that model's well-liked features. The best example of this is the Stow 'n Go seating that makes this style minivan so versatile in its seating options. This style seating allows owners to easily fold down the middle row of seats under the floor of the vehicle. This transforms the Pacifica from a people hauler into a cargo hauler to increase its flexibility and everyday utility. Active Cedarburg families are likely to find high use out of this specialized seating as it means you can drop the kids off at practice and then head to the local hardware store to pack in home supplies. 
  5. Advanced infotainment system is standard on all trim levels. One of the new and exciting additions made to the 2018 model is the inclusion of the latest UConnect system, the Uconnect 4.0. The Uconnect 4 boasts enhanced graphics, better imagery, and full Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The 2018 Pacifica comes standard with the seven-inch touchscreen but for those who like things a bit bigger and bolder, upgrade to the available 8.4-inch version. And, for those families with a lot of smart devices to connect, ask about the available wireless internet connection that can be added to the UConnect system.

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