Quad Cab vs Crew Cab: What’s the Difference?

2018 Ram Quad Cab Models Offer More Bed Space

A regular truck with a standard cab only offers one row of seating and a large truck bed. You have probably heard other terms thrown around, like crew cab and quad cab, but you may not know what they mean. Crew and quad cab trucks are very similar but offer a distinct difference!

What Is a Quad Cab?

A 2018 Ram quad cab truck is a four-door truck with rear seating. It has a large truck bed and a compact interior that rear passengers may not enjoy. It can be a bit cramped but it has a slight advantage in fuel economy compared to crew cab trucks. It has a larger cargo capacity and tends to be a bit more affordable than the crew cab option.

What is a Crew Cab?

A crew cab is a bit more spacious. It also has a smaller truck bed. The added interior space improves comfort for your rear passengers by providing them with more leg space. The rear seats tend to also have armrests and larger doors. The larger rear doors make loading and unloading supplies a bit easier.

Which Truck Cab Is Right for You?

If you find yourself working on weekend projects, towing and hauling heavy weights and getting your hands dirty then the quad cab may be right for you. If you’re looking for a four-door 2018 truck that can comfortably seat the kids then a crew cab truck may be a better fit. Call our team if you have any trouble.

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