Need New Tires? Now is The Time to Buy!

For as long as there have been vehicles on the road, most of those vehicles have required four tires. Unfortunately, paying for those four tires can sometimes be quite a challenge. With the tire sale going on now at Russ Darrow Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of West Bend, though, this is a much less complicated proposition. When you buy three tires, you get the fourth tire for only $1. It's as if your favorite sports team just scored 25% more points while only running one second off the clock.

Of course, scoring a new set of tires for a low price is great, but only if you get the correct tires for your specific vehicle. Our service associates can recommend and install tires of the right size and tread pattern, no matter what type of driving you do in West Bend. Perhaps the current tires on your vehicle are fine but you'd like to purchase a second set for all those off-roading adventures you enjoy around Menomonee Falls. Not to worry, as our dealership is fully stocked with any type of tire you might need.

After you've purchased those new tires, it's important to ensure they're properly maintained. Regular maintenance will help your tires will last a long time and provide good grip in all types of road conditions. At our dealership, we can provide quick and easy maintenance on your tires so you can hit the road with confidence. We provide tire rotations, balancing, alignment, and any other service you may need to help keep your tires in good condition. By servicing your tires at the same place you purchased them, you can be sure all maintenance will be done on the correct schedule by skilled professionals.

When it comes right down to it, your tires are some of the most important equipment you have on your vehicle. After all, for all the safety systems your vehicle is equipped with, your tires are the only parts that actually touch the road. Protect yourself and your family with high-quality tires purchased from our dealership.

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