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We all know how important service is, but most of the time we have more important things to do. Just as a reminder, here is a quick checklist.

Regular Maintenance

The average cost of an oil change is less than $50. This includes a factory approved oil filter and up to 4 quarts of premium oil. Changing oil means draining all the old oil. An oil change also includes an overall inspection including hoses, belts, and all the things you never see under your car. Lubricating all the parts that move inside your engine is just one of the things oil does. Oil also removes dirt that can cause wear, helps cool the engine and provides hydraulic pressure to keep engine systems operating. Following the manufacturer's recommendations for oil changes can help you avoid costly repairs. Replacing an engine can cost over $5,000.

A flat tire is more than just annoying. It gets expensive too. Tire service is one of the least costly maintenance tasks and is as simple as just looking at your tires before you drive off in the morning. Low tire pressure is easy to spot. Your local car dealer will check your tires and add air to the correct pressure helping you avoid a costly tire replacement.

A Clean Machine is a Better Running Machine

Sounds a bit silly, but a clean vehicle does run better and last longer. Here is why. When you clean your vehicle, you will see small things that can indicate bigger problems. A drop of oil on the driveway can be a simple fix, but if left unattended that leak could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. We have all seen a car on the side of the road with the hood open and steam boiling out. A little leak of water can indicate major problems down the road. If you spot a small problem, bring your vehicle to our service department to avoid bigger issues in the future.

What is that noise?

Noises are often ignored. We just get used to them and live with them until something major happens. If you hear a noise, your car is talking to you and asking for help. That squeaking noise under the hood could be a worn out belt or a bad alternator. Listen to your car and if it is asking for help, it might be time to visit your dealer for a checkup.

Regular Service Keeps Your Car Healthy.

Russ Darrow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of West Bend has a reputation for excellence. Their certified technicians will check your car, and advise you if service is needed.